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People often make many mistakes during a home renovation job. They invest a lot of incorrect things, hire a contractor on whims, fail to remodel the most used rooms and such others.

Although taking a sledgehammer to your traditional living room is something that sounds like fun, reviving the room is a method that needs ample time as well as care. Taking the decision of gutting the bathroom & adding a closet in surely a fantastic idea unless you become aware of the fact that you have to do a plumbing job in the house and that you have already spent money on the clawfoot tub, heated floor and everything else that you thought to be necessary. Thoughtful planning is the main thing. Explained below are the mistakes that are commonly made before & during a big home renovation in Dublin along with how to avoid them.

Failing to notice the rooms that are most used
People mostly don’t remodel rooms like a living room or kitchen, which are considered to be the heart of a home. It is very important to give priority to these spaces. Functional spaces such as bathrooms, kitchen and living room should be first up-to-date as they increase the resale value of a property. Only when these rooms happen to be in great shape, should you make your move to the less important spaces such as office or bedroom.

Investing a lot on incorrect things
You can always spend a lot of money on your bathroom fixtures or kitchen appliances and then balance it with investing in affordable items elsewhere. However, you should not do the reverse i.e. spending more on accenting the walls and then reducing your expenses by installing laminate floors rather than hardwood. Just think about what would happen when you would sell your house. As it is a give-and-take method this would have a great impact on your property’s resale value.

Not paying heed to the landscaping
It is a prelude to the interior and must tie into what’s happening with interiors. As it sets a great mood & creates the right environment there must be a place in every room from where the landscape can be viewed.

Selecting a contractor just like that
People who renovate their house often select a contractor very fast. Time must be taken to research the contractor and going with a referral is the best bet. If you do not have any referral, take quotes from a few companies and find the one that best matches with your budget. Also, talk to some of their previous clients in order to see some of their works before choosing.

If you had made any of these house renovation mistakes before, make it a point that you won’t do the same thing in your next project. To get the best version of what you’ve dreamt for your house, hire an architect and designer for your job.

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