Choosing upholstered material for your outdoor furniture is very important. Some popular upholstered materials are cotton canvas, Vinyl, Textilene, Olefin fiber and duck cloth. 

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Generally, a delicate upholstery for outdoor furniture cannot withstand harsh climatic conditions such as strong winds, snow, dust, and rain. Thereby these eventually cause wear and tear on your furniture. So, you need to choose the right upholstery for your outdoor furniture. Fortunately, you can get an ample amount of options for choosing custom-designed fabrics and upholstery for your outdoor furniture. There are different types of upholstered materials that include Cotton Canvas, Vinyl, Textilene, Olefin fiber and Duck Cloth and many more. Let’s take a closer look at these materials in brief.

Cotton Canvas: Cotton-canvas is one of the popular as well as heavy-duty woven fabrics for outdoor applications. It lasts longer and doesn’t wear and tear easily. It can smoothly be dyed and painted by using fabric colours. Pre-dyed and printed canvases are also available and you will get a wide range of varieties for DIY projects.


Vinyl: Vinyl is an unconventional fabric choice for upholstery. This is very hardy and its surface can be easily cleaned. Thus it becomes a practical choice for pillows and backings for your outdoor furniture. Vinyl has a great water-resistant property. It is available in many different colours and can be easily maintained.

Textilene: Textilene is woven polyester with a coating of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It is mold resistant, waterproof, fade-resistant and flame retardant too. Textilene is more commonly used as outdoor upholstered furniture in both commercial and residential properties because of its superiority.


Olefin fiber: It is a synthetic fiber also termed as polypropylene or polyethylene that can withstand heavy rainfall, scorching heat of the sun and moulds. The maintenance of olefin fiber is very easy. This fiber is one type of plastic cloth. It is used as outside upholstered furniture for strength and comfort but not for an aesthetic appeal.

Duck cloth: It is similar to the cotton canvas except for its weave and texture. This material has a tighter weave and smooth texture as well. It is very difficult or rather challenging to make a custom made upholstery with duck cloth. Duck cloth is expensive but it is much tougher as compared to cotton canvas.


Choosing the right fabric is very crucial for you before you plan to prepare a custom made upholstery for your outdoor furniture. If you are unsure about the fabric, you can opt for such companies who offer high-quality upholstery fabrics at an affordable rate. 

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