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Choosing of right upholstery fabric for the first time would seem to be an onerous process. How can you choose the one out of the numerous varieties of fabrics? With the furnished details below, you can get an idea about the fabrics that suit your home décor perfectly.
Fabric Types
You will get a variety of fabrics depending upon its colour, fibers, weight & treatment.

  • Chenille: It is an excellent choice of fabric used for your home purpose. It is quite heavy and has a lot of similarities with velvet. It gives ultimate comfort & is resistant to abrasion.
  • Velvet: Dense cut stack of velvet makes it gleam & luxuriously soft. It is an attractive selection of fabric for your home & can withstand heavy use. One of the best properties of velvet is that it can clean stain or spills immediately.
  • Tweed/ Basketweave: The texture of the woven fabrics is made in such a way that it can hide the stains. It is used in upholsteries depending on its double rub rating. Higher the double rub lesser will be the fabric pulls & pilling.
  • Faux leather: It is mostly preferred for the children’s furniture & is also one of the high usage fabrics. To reduce it from cracking, clean it appropriately.
  • Marine Vinyl: It is made to bear harsh elements & can also resist weather conditions. Marine vinyl looks very similar to leather and is very much durable. It can be easily cleaned as well.
  • Jacquard: It is one of the heavier fabrics. It features yarn-dyed fibers and that gives style & texture to the fabric. It is primarily used for a decorative piece & is a good choice of fabric for your home.
  • Duck/Canvas: It is a strong weave fabric that gives a perfect finish to the printed design. It is made up of cotton, thus its shape gets deformed over time due to heavy use. So, it is to be used on pillow accents, furniture pieces that are moderately used and decorative pieces.

There are a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to upholstery fabric. You just need to keep in mind where you want to use it and then buy it accordingly. It is advisable to use light colours in your space which creates an inviting mood. Choosing dark colours or bold patterns are good for hiding wear & dirt. You can get a lot of renowned companies in Sydney that sells upholstery fabric online.

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