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Foam has different kinds of applications in businesses and homes in Sydney. However, the applications actually depend on their level of density and thickness. For example, the ultra-high density polyurethane Dunlop foam padding has great durability and high-quality resilience and so is recommended for carpet padding whereas the one that’s of low-density is the perfect choice for low-end applications like pet bedding.

If you live in Sydney, you can make the best use of Australian made Dunlop foams. This is how you can use them:

Foams can be used in the making of mattresses as well as mattress toppers. The memory foam is quite popular in producing mattresses. It takes the shape of a compressing body & returns to the original shape just after the compression weight is removed. It makes memory foam mattresses an expensive one in comparison to the traditional ones. However, they happen to be long-lasting and durable.

Seat Cushions
Foams are used for making cushions that are used in indoor and outdoor seating. As they are water-proof, special foams like closed cell-foam, neoprene foam & cut foam are the exact match for outdoor purposes. Furthermore, the high-density foams like HR cell foams are mainly used in high-end furniture because of their comfort and durability factor. They are suitable for all those who want to use them for their dining chairs.

Exercise Mats
Laminated foam chips and closed-cell foams happen to be the best choice for exercise equipment like gym mats and yoga mats. They are portable and lightweight thus making it easy to roll as well as a carry anywhere in Sydney.

Foams are used for protective packaging when it comes to electronics and fragile materials. Thus, they are used at the time of transportation, shipping, and storage. Polyurethane foam is just the right choice for packaging purpose. This is because it is lightweight & inexpensive. In order to enhance the cushioning effect, some manufacturers cut the foam material to egg-crate shapes without putting on any extra weight to padding.

Foam is a poor conductor of heat and so it is very helpful for insulation. For example, foam is largely used as an insulation jacket in hot water systems. As it has an ability to absorb sound without creating any echo it is even used while recording in studios.

Medical Use
Because of its water resistance capacity, foam is used for different purposes in hospitals. A closed-cell foam will not allow building moisture and so it prevents any bacterial growth. The foam also does not get unsanitary making it safe for medical use.

There are many foam sheet suppliers in Sydney who you can get in touch with for your purpose. These suppliers can actually cut the foam to any size and shape as per your requirement.


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