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Your bedroom must be comfortable and cozy. It should be a place of rejuvenation, rest & comfort. But for this to happen you need to make your bed turn it to a rest-inducing, cloud-like fabric wad. Do you know how to make that possible? Here are a few tips for you.

Buy a Mattress topper
If you do not have any funds to replace your present mattress or think that your mattress is not the best, what you can do is buy a mattress topper made up of Dunlop foam. It is two inches thick & can support all of your curves & contours without making you feel suffocated or warm. You will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud with a DreamFoam Gel Memory Topper. Your mattress would get a facelift overnight with this Dunlop foam mattress topper.


Choose the right kind of pillow
Different kinds of pillows are available in the market. If you want to have a superior sleep experience then you need to choose between a firm, medium and soft pillow. A firm pillow is ideal for people who sleep on their side, a medium pillow is best suited for people who sleep on their back and soft ones are best for all who sleep on their stomach. You can also opt for a special kind of Dunlop foam pillow made up of memory foam. These kinds of pillows usually target stress areas in the head & neck offering a great night sleep. There is also a gel cooling pad in the pillow that can keep you from being overheated providing you a smooth & relaxing sleep. These pillows are resistant to dust-mite and are hypoallergic. However, if you are looking to support your back, then a micro plush body pillow should be your choice. This kind of pillow can mold to the shape of your physique offering ultimate comfort as well as support to you right from the head to the toe especially in areas including the hips and lower back.

Know your sheets
Go for linen sheets that are made from high-quality microfibre material. Although they are stain and dust-mite resistant, they are very much breathable. They are available in different sizes and colours. They do not shrink or fade when washed. You would love the fit and design of these linen sheets. They are comfortable, soft and have a velvet-like feel.


So, now that you know how to make your bed feel comfortable as well as cozy, roll up your sleeves and get started. You can find many online stores from where you can get these mattress toppers, pillows and linen sheets. Buy them and put them on your bed without much wait!

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