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Are you likely to purchase anything from the brand you have never heard of or seen before? When talked about comprehending a consumer’s decision journey, from the time exposed to a particular brand to what they finally purchase, there’s a lot that counts in between. Every step of the proverbial journey involve aspects like the existing perception about the given brand, price, availability of the alternatives and lot more. The journey mostly starts with creating brand awareness and driving consideration to finally closing the sale.

When talked about online advertising, the search ads are looked upon as heroes since they can be attributed easily to conversions. The ‘display ads’ also contributes to enhancing brand recognition. The accurate brand picture can be depicted via video or image formats of ads that we see online. Many individuals also opt for acrylic plinths or vehicle wraps for brand promotion.

Know More About Display Advertising
The website owners mostly focus on monetizing via advertisements whereas the brands are keen on reaching out to their audiences who are likely to spend their significant amount of time on the websites. The ad networks also act as the intermediary responsible to form the confluence between consumer, publishers, and advertiser.

Why Display Advertising?

  • Brand building involves making the target audiences aware of your existence in the first place. Not only you can reach out to the new customers with these display ads but also build positive brand impressions. Better visibility means a better recall rate for the brand.
  • Display Advertising helps in increasing sales. Reports depict that the search ads help a business to have better conversions.
  • This strategy also makes the brand familiar. The re-targeted ads usually create a strong connection between the business and potential customers.
  • The prominent placement of ads and creative nature not only draws attention but also enables a business to stand out in the competitive market.
  • The display ads also host media contents that enhance the conversions of up to 60%.

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