Phenomenal DIY Hacks to Clean Furniture Upholsteries

When your favorite sofa is looking shabby , tired and old but your pocket is not allowing you to buy a new furniture in Sydney, set your mind to freshen it up. Using dirty upholsteries is unhealthy because the germs can spread and make the living space an unhealthy one. They can get deep into your furniture upholsteries. So, keeping them fresh, clean and lively, it is important to clean them regularly.

Follow these life saving hacks to bring life to your upholsteries again:

Absorb the Stain
Don’t let any kind of stains set in on your upholstery. It’s important to take some actions quickly if you have a spill. Splash some of the liquids on a dry, white absorbent cloth or plain white paper towels and dab. Do not rub, cause it may damage the fabric. Starting from the outside of the spot to the center of the spot help to prevent the stain from spreading.


Vacuum the Furniture
Use all of your vacuum cleaner for cleaning up thoroughly the loose pieces of dirt, pet hair and other debris that makes the furniture dirtier.

Identify the Types of Stains
Stains can be generated from some specific sources such as food, dirt, pee or poop (from little ones or pets), wine, coffee etc. These kind of stains respond well to Stem cleaning. The stubborn spots need more than one treatment or therapy and the oil based stains require chemical cleaners.

Read Furniture Upholstery Tags
Before using any kind of upholstery cleaner on the furnitures, it is must to check cushions for the fabric care tags or instructions . It says which cleaning solution is applicable . If the tag is not provided , monitor the furniture manufacturer’s website. Checking a small, hidden section of the fabric with the cleaner to test for damage and color-fastness is a good idea.

Cleaning the upholsteries helps to keep a good appearance and keep the family healthy. They make your furniture look good and last longer with regular cleaning which prevent building the dirts up.


Most people do not know and can not even realize that cleaning upholstery helps to keep the air quality good in your home. A good cleaning helps to get rid of molds, dusts and allergens.

These are some DIY hacks in Sydney that can make you go a long way and make your investment count. 

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