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Upholstery is the work of providing chairs, furniture, sofas with seats comprising of padding, webbing. Through upholstery one can insert soft, padded fabric cover that is set to furniture like sofas, chairs, and armchairs. Here are some easy steps to upholster your chair. First of all take off the seat from the chair’s bottom The first step of reupholstering a chair seat is to take off the seat from the chair’s bottom. This step is important in setting the stage for re upholstery of the chair. There are many companies in Australia which provide outdoor upholstery in Northern Beaches.

Get rid of the existing upholstery It is a time consuming process as we have to remove the existing upholstery using a screwdriver or pliers. If pad has not escaped from the chair seat it is advisable to remove only the base layer of the material. Do the measurements Measure the breadth, length, and depth of the chair seat. For example if the shape of the seat is round or curve then measure the length that is longest or the breadth that is widest. Buy the fabric material It is advisable to use a fabric that is suitable for daily use but fabrics can be taken from durable old clothes, shirts or even tablecloth.

However stretchy fabric is good if you are using it seldom. Put the fabric of the seat at the wrong-side up on a smooth surface Put the seat on the surface by the side you sit on which is beside the wrong side of the seat’s fabric. Then support the chair with the pattern on the material of the fabric if required, particularly if there are stripes. Make the fabric trim to fold over the border The trimming should be between twice and thrice the thickness of the seat. If any fabric is left on then it should be utilized for future upholstery projects.

Fold over the fabric flap all along the straightest side and staple it from the middle functioning towards the corners The chair fabric should be firm and smooth to be fit for stapling. Repeat the same thing at the opposite end of the seat First of all drag firmly the first strip of staples so that it helps you to get rid of the wrinkles. Then staple at the center functioning outwards. Fold over the fabric if you come across curves. Also ensure that the bunching lies underneath the seat and is not seen to the top. Then cover the folds with the help of staple.
Fold the corners

  • Position the corner towards the middle of the seat.
  • Fold up one part down so that the folded border runs diagonally.
  • Fold up the other part downwards in the same manner so that you can have a fold along the diagonal. Then staple it.

Trim down extra cloth– Extra cloth should be trimmed and all the staples should be hammered down. Give protection to the seats It is important to give some sort of support arrangement to the seats so that it stays protected. Don’t forget to spray the seats and dry them later in places like garage. This will protect the seat from birds.

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