The GTAG1 Air-Guard®cable seal provides an easy, economical and effective air seal for cable openings in the raised access floor.


Sealing around cable openings offers the following benefits:

• Reduced air loss and increased under-floor static pressure.

• Improved cooling efficiencies and extended cooling equipment life.

• Dramatically reduced plant running costs. Unsealed cable openings can account for up to 50% of


conditioned air being wasted in the cooling process.

• Facilitates Cold / Hot aisle best practice.

The GTAG1 Air-Guard®features:

• Overlapping brush for a better cable seal. Test data available on request.

• Latched removable brush section allows for easy cable release.

• The GTAG1 Air-Guard® can be installed at the edge or within the floor panel.

• Manufactured from high strength flame retardant ABS and V0 rated quality nylon brush.


• RoHS compliant.

• Air-Guard foot safety cover available – ref GTAG1CVR.

GTAG1 Dimensions:

• Dimensions - Cut out 265mm x 115mm (centre cut) 135mm (perimeter cut).

• Overall size - 328mm x 162mm x 38mm.

• Free Cable Area - 230mm x 65mm.


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