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Your smile is often considered the best accessory that you can wear, but so often an unhealthy dental issue could reduce its charms. Moreover, the troubles that ensue when the best daily oral care regime is not followed could wipe away that confident smile.

No One Smiles in Pain
Not following a proper oral regime could lead to multiple issues, including yellowing teeth, bad breath, cavities, infection and inflammation in Gums and much more.


Toothaches, whether due to the cavity or some gum infection is known to be one of the worst pains ever endured. The only way to escape from that pain is a precaution, i.e. Daily Oral Care.

Less Confident Smile

Yellowing teeth or bad breath could make you feel less confident.

Regular Steps to be Followed

While you should consult your dentist for proper oral care, here are a few generic tips:

  • Brush your Teeth at least Twice Daily –  Once in the morning and once before bed.
  • Choose the Correct Brush – Whether electrical or manual, choose the brush with the right texture and size.
  • Don’t Neglect your Tongue – Plaque that builds on your tongue can cause bad breath and other oral health problems.
  • Choose your Paste Wisely – With so many options available, it is important to make a wise decision when it comes to toothpaste.
  • Do not underestimate Flossing – Due to some level of difficulty involved, many forgo flossing. But that’s not a wise decision, as your brush cannot reach in between your teeth.
  • Diet Control – limit your intake of sugary or acidic food.

Doctor’s Order
Another important ritual to follow is to visit a dentist at least twice a year. For one, a thorough cleaning will help your overall hygiene. Additionally, a regular check-up ensures that any problem, such as an infection or a cavity is detected and treated early on.


If every day you follow a good oral routine, your mouth will start thanking you. Just ensure the products you use are according to your needs as per your dentist’s recommendation.

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