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Laptop charger – check, phone charger – check, speaker wire – check, printer wire – check, lamp wire -check, oh!! It is a desk or a wire hub? Well if not organized well it does resemble a wire hub that is quite messed.

The worst part of it all is that wires love to get entangled with each other, especially that one wire you need now. You not only waste time in untangling them at times you tend to damage the wires as well.


What is Cable Grommet?
A snap-in fixture is a desk that enables various cords and wire to pass through the desk surface. Their main function is to keep a major portion of the wires below the desk and giving them a smooth pass through the desk, without getting stuck on any rough edges.

Types of Cable Grommet for Desk
While the most common ones are round made up of rubber, plastic or metal, cable grommet comes in varying different shapes, size, and materials.

  • Plastic Cable Grommet
  • Stainless Steel Grommet
  • Aluminum Cable Grommet
  • Phone and Fax Grommet
  • Slotted Wooden Grommet
  • Round Desk Grommet
  • Oval Desk Grommet

How to Choose a Perfect Grommet

1. The size and shape – Depending upon the wires or cable that will probably require passing through.


2. Material – each material serves its own purpose, for instance, the most interesting thing about the best aluminum cable grommet is that it is light but can still hold bulky wires and looks sleek and smart.

3. Wire holding – some grommet may have specified sections for different types of wire, you can choose this one for easier access.


4. Opening style – whether brush grommet or sliding top or push up, you can choose as per your budget.

Grommets with an Electrical Port
An emerging style, it doubles up as a multi-adaptor that not just holds the wire in place, but provides current as well. This one is best if your appliances have shorter wires or cables. Apart from this, a USB version is also available that lets you charge/connect through USB.


Well, there is surely a large number of variables in cable grommets, with each one with a specific look and their own special function it could be daunting to choose a fine one. But don’t worry; consider the aforementioned pointers to make the right choice.

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